Welcome to my personal blog, a collection of random thoughts in my head that I decided to publish on the internet to archive them. I am located in Colorado Springs as a professional Web Developer, SEO Specialist, and general Digital Marketing Expert. In my free time I like to create new sites, projects, and play video games.

My Specialties

Web Development

Search Engine Optimization



Social Media Marketing

Dad Jokes

Besides archiving my random thoughts I am not sure what the purpose of this site will hold in the future. Currently, I just want a place to post without doing any Web Dev or SEO.

Fix side space on HTML/CSS pages

So this is really embarrassing it took me this long to find this simple fix but here it is. Instead of doing what I was doing (using inspect element, deleting classes and nodes to find out what is causing the problem), just add this to code to your css and problem solved.

    width: 100%;
    height: 100%;
    margin: 0px;
    padding: 0px;
    overflow-x: hidden; 

Breaking away from Google & Facebook

Recently I deleted my Facebook, and not much longer followed by switching to protonmail and firefox. Using Firefox as my main browser included for web dev has been a great experience so far. I forgot how much I missed the golden days of Firefox, but they seem like they are back. The biggest set back from me switching to Firefox has been the performance on my macbook, however, it appears that with recent updates we are back to smooth sailing.

My firefox build consists of the following:

I am no longer signed into any devices using a Google account, the only way they still have a hold of me is when doing SEO/Adwords I still use chrome for that. When doing SEO & Adwords on chrome I am only using my company account, never search or browse on it, simply from point A to point B and nothing else.

Starting a 48 hour fast

Besides starting going to the gym, I have made a decision in between my work gym breaks I will fast for 48 hours or more. I will fast 48 hours once a week, and after that have only one meal a day ( 24 hour fasts). During my fasting periods I will only consume Snake Juice.

Snake Juice Recipe:

  • Water = 2l
  • Potassium Chloride = 1 tsp (2560 mg)
  • Sodium Chloride = 1/2 tsp (840 mg sodium)
  • Sodium Bicarbonate = 1 tsp (1080 mg sodium)
  • Magnesium Sulphate = 1/2 tsp (200 mg magnesium)

*Drink as much Snake Juice as you want!
*NO Fresh Water!